Posted by: Lee | September 18, 2007

Christmas Culprits 2007: Next

Time for an update on the Christmas Culprits. Our newest culprit is that “not sure who’s our target market” retail chain “Next”. They, like Tesco, have fallen foul of the Christmas Cards and Wrapping paper syndrome. There was masses of it in front of the tills at the weekend.

I’m assuming they are trying to force the Christmas shopping mentality early i.e. the one where people just buy stuff randomly as gifts without really thinking about the item. Why would they do this? Well I don’t know if it’s just me (and Lizzy and my friends) but it seems it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find something that fits in that store. I’m a pretty generic size and can pick stuff off the rack in most places and will know it will fit….not in Next though….nooooooo that’d be too easy. There sizing seems to be completely inconsistent and just darn frustrating really. Where else can you pick up one item in “Small” and it fits you perfectly but need a “Large” in another similar item????? I know most places deviate slightly with sizing but Next seem to take it to extremes. Don’t get me started on the work pants i.e. standard black trousers for the office, I can try on 10 pairs in that place and all have them will have an awful fit.

So boo to you “Next”, your sizing sucks and you’re a Christmas Culprit too!!!


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