Posted by: Lee | September 20, 2007

The Special One?

I woke to the strange news this morning that the self proclaimed ‘Special One’ has parted with Chelsea by mutual consent i.e. He was sacked and some new bloke who once managed Israel is taking over. He’s got a tough act to follow. Mourinho won the league twice, the FA Cup and the Carling Cup twice. That’s not a bad record for 3 seasons. But of course Chelsea are motivated by money not trophies. Hence Abramovich’s obsession with winning the champions league. The trophy means a massive cash windfall but unfortunately buying the top players makes a good team not. You have to build a good team and that can take time which is no good when you’re only in it for the money.

I’m not a Chelsea fan by any means, on the contrary i’m often found them very boring to watch. But i can’t deny Mourinho’s abilities as a manager, he did win the Champions league with Porto after all and two league titles with Chelsea. His press conferences also made for very entertaining viewing, the recent one regarding eggs and the different classes being a corker.

So off goes the charismatic manager, he was always fighting a losing battle really, football vs money, the latter in this case being the victorious. It’s a loss to the Premiership and i hope Man United rub some salt in the wound at the weekend 🙂


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