Posted by: Lee | September 21, 2007

Disagreement with a White Van and a Metal Fence

Well I had a brilliant start to my weekend today. I woke up this morning with the first part of my day already planned in my head:

  1. Get up
  2. Have shower and attempt to wake up
  3. Have breakfast
  4. Drop Liz at her work
  5. Head onto my work
  6. Arrive at work
  7. Go to the onsite StarBucks and get a Vente Mocha
  8. Go back to desk and drink Mocha slowly before everyone else gets in and the chaos begins

Simple! It would have been a nice relaxed start to Friday…….if only! Here’s how Friday morning actually panned out:

  1. Get upWhite Van
  2. Have Shower and attempt to wake up
  3. Have Breakfast
  4. Drop Liz at her work
  5. Head onto my work
  6. Attempt to veer out of way of oncoming speeding white van, which should have gave way, when crossing a narrow bridge
  7. Skid whilst veering out of way speeding white van and crash into metal fence
  8. Watch white van speed off in rear view mirror
  9. Crawl car up to nearby gravel lay-by which is full of puddles
  10. Discover hole in bumper, broken licence plate, flat tyre and coating of white paint from fence
  11. Attempt to change flat tyre in puddle ridden gravel lay-by at 8 O’Clock in the morning
  12. Really wish I could have just had that StarBucks

Yes, thanks to a stupid van driver I ended up crashing this morning. The bridge it occurred on is a narrow (passing over a small stream)and oncoming traffic is supposed to give way if someone is already approaching the bridge from the opposite direction, this was the case this morning. I was already on approach to the small bridge, the white van driver was approaching at speed from the opposite direction, at this point the van should have slowed down and let me continue on over the bridge, he didn’t. He came hurtling toward me and not being confident that the van would be able to pass I was forced to swerve hard to the left and braked as well, the result was that my car skidded into a metal fence at the side of the bridge. The fence broke and pierced my bumper, broke my licence plate and popped my tyre. The van driver didn’t stop and I didn’t get a look at his plate as I was to busy crashing to notice as he sped off. Brilliant!

I managed to drive to a lay-by which wasn’t that far off and assess the damage. It looked far worse than it actually was so got on with fitting the spare tyre. One person, an airport taxi driver, actually pulled over whilst I was changing the tyre to see if I was ok, which was nice, plenty of others just speeded past at 60 miles an hour. Once I’d sorted the tyre I drove the rest of the way to work which was just round the corner. I gave my manager a call to tell him what happened and he told me to go home for the day, probably just as well as the shock from the accident started to set in, it’s not every day you get forced off the road. It passed after a couple of hours thankfully.

I have since duct taped the hole in my bumper and scrubbed the white paint off the impact area. Car doesn’t look too bad now. Thankfully things could have been a lot worse i.e. more damage to the car or even (perish the thought) damage to me. The car is patched up and I’m in the process of arranging to get it fixed. Sods law is that I renew my insurance in a fortnight and I’ll be eligible for no claims protection for the first time so in the meantime I can’t make a claim for this, bye bye money!!!

Oh well life goes on, I’ll just be more wary of white van drivers in future.


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