Posted by: Lee | September 25, 2007

Chants of the Week

This weeks chants courtesy of BBC Sport

"Who the ******* hell are you?"
Ricky Hatton fans to Floyd Mayweather

"You only score when we let you!"
Sung by Leicester fans to Forest during the Carling Cup match.

"Where were you on Tuesday Night?"
United fans taunting Chelsea following their no show in the Champions League.

"You’re not special anymore."
United fans reminding Chelsea the ‘Special One’ has left.

"10 men, we’ve only got 10 men."
Chelsea fans taunting United fans as they held their own at Old Trafford.

"10 fans, you only have 10 fans."
United fans reply to Chelsea’s taunts.

"Beattie wears a sports bra."
Wolves fans to the chunky Sheffield United striker James Beattie.

"You’re just a town full of seamen!"
Sung by FC United fans to Fleetwood fans at their FA Cup match.

"We’re the famous Tartan Army and we’re here to save the snail."
One more from Scotland fans in Paris.

"You’re really, really smelly!"
Forest Green fans to Aldershot fans..

"1-0 to the England."
After Spurs go one-up in the north London derby.

"Fresh air! We only want fresh air."
Sunderland fans singing to Middlesbrough fans on Saturday.

"Shearer, Shearer gives us a goal."
Chant heard at Wycombe v Shrewsbury when Wycombe Keeper Scott Shearer came on as a substitute.

"Where’s ya sponsor gone?"
Derby fans to Northern Rock-sponsored Newcastle.

"You should have banked with The Woolwich!"
More from the Derby fans.

"What’s it like to see a crowd?"
Leeds fans after a crowd of 29,410 was announced against Swansea.

"We fill our stadium."
Arsenal fans in reference to Chelsea only managing to get 24,000 at Stamford Bridge the previous night for a Champions League game.


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