Posted by: Lee | October 11, 2007

Political Stance

I’ve been busy today, I signed up to 2 petitions on the 10 Downing Street website. They were both regarding elections, mainly because I was quite annoyed about the fact that our glorious un-elected prime minister chickened out of holding an election this autumn. I’m not overly political myself (too many lies and petty squabbling in it these days), I’m just very opinionated and have no hesitation in broadcasting how much I despise the current Labour government and especially Gordon (I screwed up the economy) Brown. There are many reasons for my dislike of Gordon Brown and Labour, here’s a few:

  1. House prices are utterly ridiculous!!
  2. Student loan debt (I was finacially penalised for getting a better education, better job which means I pay more tax)
  3. Inheritance tax thresholds not inline with increased value of properties….pay tax your whole life then get shafted in death
  4. I’m taxed to high heaven in general plus the promised tax cut screws over those on low incomes and makes no difference to me whatsoever
  5. My pension is worth no where near as much as it would have been before Gordon Brown screwed up Private Pensions
  6. £3K University Tuition Fees in place, only in England!!!! University is free in Gordon Brown’s native Scotland
  7. Care for the elderly is free in Scotland, not in England!
  8. Screwed up Child benefit payments
  9. Welsh and Scottish given independent parliaments but they still have say in English parliament. The reverse cannot be said.
  10. We now live in a welfare state where you are rewarded for dossing around claiming shed loads of benefits and never getting a job
  11. Government has no balls when it comes to immigration due to over zealous Political Correctness which is at the point of absurdity.
  12. Billions invested and disappeared into a NHS bloated with pointless middle management and negligent targets.
  13. Police unable to police the streets due to silly amounts of paperwork and red tape.
  14. Extortionate council tax rates
  15. I Am basically shafted for getting a good job and working hard

The petitions I signed were for the following:

  1. Brown Should Hold an General Immediate Election In England only (I have nothing against the Scots or Welsh but as their Parliaments are independent of ours I don’t see why they should have a say in our parliament anymore)
  2. Brown should have been put in power by the electorate, any Prime Minister should be elected to assume power (I do not follow the reasoning that it’s the party that is elected, people vote for whoever would be Prime Minister)

Click the links above if you wish to sign them yourself………


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