Posted by: Lee | October 24, 2007

Winter is Approaching

Don’t you just hate the first frost after summer. You come out in the morning ready to go to work and instead of seeing your car you see an ice cube. Great, there goes the morning routine. Of course as it’s the frost you either have no de-icer or barely enough to spray your windscreen.

I was most peturbed to find myself in the latter of these two predicaments this morning, although thankfully i had just enough de-icer. I now, though, have none and will have to stock up this evening, wonderful! Of course the law of sod states that if i go and get de-icer i will not need it till February and if i don’t we will have the longest cold streak known to man (The woman in the world will be praying i get the de-icer me thinks, because as we all know woman don’t do cold, only warm and snug)

So instead of spending precious time playing half life 2 episode 2 this evening, i shall instead be wasting it popping to Tesco for the umpteenth time. Ooh the excitement!



  1. It is certainly true that I only do warm and snug. Anything less is just unacceptable:-) so make sure I get plenty of cuddles this winter sexy xxx

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