Posted by: Lee | April 8, 2008

Want to buy a House

I really want to buy a house but I don’t know when or where to buy. All this economic doom in the media would have you believe that now is not the right to get a mortgage. Is that the case? I don’t really know. Will house prices actually drop or will they just stop rising?? Will I even be able to get a mortgage, how much would they lend me??

As a first time buyer I find it really difficult to know what to do, I don’t even know where I would buy a house. I am perfectly happy in the area that I live but the prices are so high I doubt I would be able to afford anything so where should I move to? How much should I be looking to pay etc etc. So many questions I think only someone who would charge me a lot of money could tell me the answers. Money I would need to buy a house.

Oh how I wish I had family member that had a house they rent which I could buy off them on the cheap like some I know. Don’t think they realise how lucky they are. I’m having to graft for every penny, got no one to give any handouts, no where else I can live cheaply to build up a substantial deposit.

Will just have to keep saving, trying to figure out what to do, all the time hoping my numbers come up on the lottery.


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