Posted by: Lee | February 20, 2010

VMware Server 2.0…why so much baggage?

I’ve recently been experimenting with Virtualisation products on my Windows Home Server. I initially used VMware 2.0 server, it came out the other year and being the latest I followed the ethos that latest means best…hmmm…maybe not. My experimenting has lead me to believe that VMware server 2.0 may actually be VMware’s equivalent of Windows Vista. It does the job but needs to shed a few pounds. Various aspects of VMware 2.0 annoy me in comparison to VMware 1.0.

  • It doesn’t use IIS (Internet Information Services) anymore, it uses Apache Tomcat. This results in an extra webserver running on my Home Server (which is already using IIS). This webserver eats 100MB of RAM
  • No VMware console, I liked the console, I liked the flexibility of it, you don’t have to install it on the host, you can install it elsewhere. VMWare thinks otherwise, it only wants you to use the web frontend for administering your VMs
  • Administration through the web frontend can be slow and arduous.
  • RAM usage, not all of us are using servers with RAM in double figures. My Home Server has 2GB of RAM and only one RAM slot. The web server uses 100MB of RAM constantly. The IIS version uses a lot less on 1.0 and I already have IIS running. When I run a VM with 512MB of ram it uses 760MB on the host system, on 1.0 it used around 560MB so what is the extra 200MB for??

Guess what, I’ve uninstalled 2.0 and installed 1.0.10 (and recovered several hundred megabytes of RAM in the process). I can’t see the point of running 2.0 at the moment, the experience with it’s predecessor is far better.

What do you think?



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