Posted by: Lee | March 12, 2010


Bit of a random one this. Nowadays you can pretty much customise the theme on anything electronic. There are themes in my Operating System, themes in my Email, themes on my Calendar, themes on my Phone (Nokia N97). This ability to customise the look and feel is brilliant….but at the same time it’s also a complete pain!

I seem unable to settle on a theme on my email account and my phone, it’s driving me nuts. I’ll find something I like, set it and then be happy. Several hours later though…..BORED NOW! Maybe it would be easier if it just wasn’t option. I don’t know what it is, maybe I’m just fussy??

I don’t have this problem with my OS (Windows 7) I have constantly rotating wallpaper and that seems to quell the boredom fact.

There is a wallpaper rotation option on my phone, maybe I should try that….oh but wait that requires a set of wallpaper I like. Aaaargh! šŸ™‚

Maybe the phone should have a theme rotation option?

How many of you stick with the default themes quite happily? How many of you constantly rotate?




  1. Fussy bugger šŸ˜‰

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