Posted by: Lee | April 21, 2010

It’s not a Mini it’s a Trunk!

This morning I received a BIG BIG parcel from WOMWorld/Nokia, heavy too. All I knew was that the parcel contained items related to a series of challenges that myself and a friend (Coop_UK) will be carrying out in attempt to win N97 Minis. Annoyingly I was at work when I received the parcel so I’ve had to wait till I got home to open it…..oh the frustration 🙂


I rushed home from work and upon opening the box I was presented with this very large looking N97 Mini (which I have nicked named the N97 Massive..ingenious eh??). Seriously it’s big!


Now all is not what it would first appear. This is not just an very big N97 Mini, WOMWorld have been at their creative best again. It’s actually trunk!

The front of the very big N97 Mini is a lid, removing it reveals a real N97 Mini sat atop a whole host of goodies


These goodies are extremely creative and random…well they seem random at first! The trunk contents include a N97 Phone, Cellphone cables and accessories, Stereo CD player, Address book, Telephone book, Large board game, Quill pen, Calculator, Alarm clock, Compass, Compass accessory, Tape recorder, Photo album, Camera and a Pinecone…yes a Pinecone

21042010013 21042010015

When you think about it logically these are all features of the N97 Mini….they really have done well to pack all that into such a little thing.

One can assume the challenges Coop and I are going to face are going to be interesting to say the least………


P.S. Yes it’s a Pinecone……I’ve never come across a “Pinecone” feature on the N97 Mini…well actually I think I’ve figured it out but I don’t want to say yet as some people are still waiting for their trunk to turn up thanks to a certain Volcano….Don’t want to spoil the fun, more soon 🙂


P.P.S. I didn’t choose the carpet! 🙂



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