Posted by: Lee | April 28, 2010

Apple Bashing

Got your attention?….thought I would 🙂

There is a phenomenon now a days which is troubling me more and more. A phenomena that distorts reality, ignores the facts and bends the truth…what is’s Apple!

Now before you start attacking me, let me tell you this, I admire Apple, I admire their ability to take a product and create an eco system surrounding that product, no one does it better, many many companies try and struggle to emulate this. I admire their ability to take a product (a product sometimes missing some basic features) and make it appear like it is the single best device/appliance known to man… know that happens. I also admire there ability to take something and bundle it into a sleek looking device that works.

Apple are also able to exert complete control over their devices as they develop and maintain all aspects (hardware, software, eco system) leading to a more satisfying consumer experience (caveat: if you only want to do what Apple says you can).

The problem that seems to have occurred as of late is the amount of press/media attention that Apple commands, especially global press. Now whilst Apple is certainly a big player in the states, around the rest of the world they are smaller yet they command just as much attention. (This is not to say they are insignificant, they are anything but that. The iPhone and it’s slick OS shuck the mobile world when it was released).

Apple’s Mac Computers enjoy only single digit market share globally and the iPhone is only in the mid teens (depending who you believe stats wise). Basically Windows computers and Symbian smart phones wipe the floor with Apple share wise and by the looks of it Android is gaining fast on the iPhone, especially in the US.

Now despite all this, whenever something is rumoured are leaked about an Apple product the worlds press and media come scurrying, this results in lots of free column inches and publicity for Apple. This is even though Apple will never actually confirm or deny anything, they stay silent. Apple are famous for their secrecy, almost to the point of paranoia….maybe this is why the media get so excited, getting info on future Apple stuff is like gold dust??

A couple of recent incidents have highlighted this unfair sway towards Apple. Recently a prototype iPhone 4G was leaked into the wilderness after being left in a bar. The worlds press went crazy and are still talking about it now a couple of weeks after the event itself. The same thing happened to Nokia at the weekend regarding their new N8 device, what did the press do….well there were a couple of small articles on a few tech sites. Nokia are the biggest smartphone seller on the planet by a long long way and the N8 boasts some incredible features yet there was hardly a ruffle. Why?? Nokia as a company are far more friendly towards their consumers than Apple. They engage with the customers to find out what they want and try to achieve it. Apple tend to trend towards telling you what you want. You can’t ignore Apple telling the world that you don’’t need 3G when the iPhone first launched, Edge is fast enough, or you don’t need Native Apps, Web Apps are the future only to do a complete turn around on both and various other statements.

Next example, the iPad… goes crazy again when this is announced and still are, despite it’s limitations. HP are developing something very similiar with more features yet barely a mention.

Now Nokia aren’t perfect either, far from it,  the recent N97 was a massive massive let down on various levels, the intial software was bordering on atrocious and the hardware underspecced. Nokia justifiably recieved a lot of critcism and they held their hands up. They’re still trying to recover from the negative press now. iPad is found to have issues with WIFI signal strength, Apple say nothing until eventually saying it’s not a problem if you use an Apple router….what kind of a response is that?? Press barely utter a word of criticsm. Apple delay the sale of iPad globally to prioritise American market, hardly a word spoken.

Final example, Microsoft released Windows 7 late last year, it surpassed Apple total market share in the space of a month, press don’t care. On it’s 6 month birthday it was announced that Windows 7 is on 10% of all desktop computers in the world…it’s officially the fastest selling Operating System of all time…again hardly a blink.

Apple make good products, no denying that, but I can’t understand why they get so much more attention than others given their relative size……..why do the media love Apple so much? It seems to let them punch well above their own weight even though they refuse to engage with the media apart from at product launches. I don’t think that is fair and wish the media would realise this.

Apple seem to have found a secret magic formula, it’s like the secret ingredient to Coca Cola….every other company in the world would love to have it


P.S. References to Media/Press mean Newspapers, magazines, tech press, website, business markets etc etc



  1. The media love Apple so much because Apple’s overpriced products are status symbols for the affluent, and media people are part of that group. Very personal items such as personal computers and phones are very close to people’s hearts, and affluent media people are biased towards Apple products they use.

    • True true, good point!

  2. You are right. Everything Apple makes is crap. Just crap. Nothing works, its all junk.

    Of course, once Apple made the iPhone, now all smart phones mimic the iPhone, mimic the services, features, try to copy the itunes store.

    For so long, many people and writers have put Apple down. If they do not have market share, then who are they.

    Hmmm. maybe only the trend setters. The ones that determine what future products should look and act like. PS. the HP slate is now officially vaporware. check it out. iPads now shipping in both varities.

    Just a thought,

    • Er, I said that when exactly?…..I suggest you re-read the post..I quite clearly stated I like Apple’s products and admire them. I’m quiet clearly referring to Apple’s media coverage, not the quality of their products……………………..

    • “You are right. Everything Apple makes is crap. Just crap. Nothing works, its all junk.

      Of course, once Apple made the iPhone, now all smart phones mimic the iPhone, mimic the services, features, try to copy the itunes store”

      You do realise sarcasm doesn’t work on the internet, right?

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