Posted by: Lee | May 11, 2010

Nokia N8 vs HTC Desire..which would you choose?

So the first Symbian ^ 3 Nokia handset the N8 is due to be released soon and the latest and greatest Android handset the HTC Desire is available now.

image image

Both pack a serious punch so which would you choose and why?



  1. As much as I’ve been a fan of Nokia for many years (since the 3210!), recently there’s just not been enough innovation.

    The phones are reasonable, I still have an N97 and it works; but it’s clunky, slow, crashes regularly and the choice of new apps is seems to be increasingly dwarfed by those of Android and Ap*le.

    The N8 has some really nice sounding features (Dolby surround, USB on the go, 12MP cam) but it’s too little and too late. The promo videos make it look wonderful, but how can I believe those anymore after how amazing they made the N97 look? Anyone remember all those cool transition effects – well Nokia didn’t and they’ve never appeared – probably because the phone’s too slow to cope with them.

    I’ve made my choice, I’ve just bought a HTC Desire, and while I can’t shout about how amazing it is yet (it’s on first charge now!!), when it’s specs are better than the N8 which isn’t even released for another few months – I’m happy I’ve made the right choice for me.

  2. Just don’t underestimate Nokia.

    I am using Nokia now for ten years. Tried using HTC mobile of my wife. But HTC is no match for Nokia. The processor for Nokia is far superior as compared to HTC. Not to mention the services and applications that Nokia OVI store provides. HTC has got no services and solutions.

    • There’s no danger of underestimating Nokia, however it does depend on the HTC, the android ones have the Google eco system. As for CPU, the 1ghz snap dragon is pretty impressive.

  3. I chose HTC Desire last week – about to start writing a review on it, so far its a great phone, but there are some aspects that could be greatly improved.

    Nokia failed me with N97 and im about to send it to repairs for the 3rd time. I think N97 is for Nokia as what MS Vista was for Microsoft

    Nokia = Big Fail!

  4. I really like the innovation of both telephones. With snartphones we are really benefitting fromis a great tussle between the manufacturers. The last thing we want is a windows-esque dominance with one supplier and a stagnating need to innovate.

  5. i am a nokia fan through and through however i feel i recent years after the n95 they have slipped off the pace a lot, i am currently using the htc desire for about 2 months now and its a real cracker to use, superfast 1ghz processer, lots of ram, nowhere near enough memory for my personal use, camera looks really good for 5mp, however if the new nokia is anything to shout about i will be buying one, a few of specs are inferior to desire but the effort seems to be back, (usb otg) which has not taken off in mobiles yet, only a few have this feature, new os, not quite the 1ghz processer but a snappy all the same, and the maps in ovi will be a god send for me personally, i look forward to nokia’s return!!!

  6. N8 is very good smartphone

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