Posted by: Lee | March 31, 2011

Virgin…Regarding your Tivo Service…I’m Out

I’ve been looking forward to the prospect of Virgin’s Tivo Service for months and months now. Based on the stuff I have read it really look likes Virgin have got something to properly challenge Sky’s Sky+ service.

Considering the fact I’m on Virgin’s top end package, which costs me a considerable amount each year, I was hoping for a decent deal for the Tivo service when it came out but sadly that does not appear like it will be the case. I received an email today offering me a special deal and chance to be one of the first Virginmedia customers to get Tivo….you know as a thanks for being a customer and all that.

Instead of paying £199 for a set top box that you won’t get to own, I get to pay £149 for the privilege instead, along with a £40 Installation charge, a £3 a month increase on my subscription and a new 12 month contract. So in the first year Tivo would cost me an extra £225, yes only £36 in the second but considering my Virgin subscription costs the wrong side of a thousand pounds (and then some) each year, adding another £226 to that is a lot of money and not to mention very disappointing. Remember this also supposed to be a reward for being a Virgin customer….hmmm.

I’d always been pleased with Virgin in that I never had to pay a small fortune for the equipment, unlike Sky, mainly because you don’t own it. But with Tivo it feels like my time with Sky all over again when only the people with lots of spare money got to have the new exciting services.

I was hoping to be able to blog about my experiences with Tivo, sell it’s benefits to help people realise how much more superior Virgin’s infrastructure is over Sky’s but sadly I shan’t be doing that as I’ve been alienated from the outset.

Words can’t describe the dissapointment.

P.S. Apparently my name is Dean too, nice personalisation Virgin



  1. Gotta say Lee when I got the email in, funnily enough calling me Dean too I have to say that I was hugely disappointed. Their broadband service is excellent and while their TV service has its faults I’m on the XL package and have it plus SKY+ HD downstairs. I was hoping to ditch my Sky+ HD in favour of the TIVO but quite frankly the “Thank You” to loyal customers is nothing more than a swift kick in the knackers… £150 plus £3 per month additional plus £40 installation fee… HAHAHAHA. I’m with you on this and you know the worst thing, in about three months time they’ll be offering this as a free installation but to NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. Virgin see us loyal customers as nothing more than a cash coffer to help push deals to new customers 😦

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