Posted by: Lee | April 1, 2011

Time to Try Pastures New

I have a small announcement to make, after much soul searching I have decided to try pastures new. So as of today I’m leaving team Android and joining team Apple…yup I’m ordering an iPhone 4.

iphone love my

After years of tweaking, messing, configuring, flashing, reflashing and then flashing some more I’ve decided my brain needs a rest. I want a device where I don’t have to do anything, where I don’t have to think, where I don’t have the temptation to mess, where everything is already thought out and set for me and that’s why I’m going for an iPhone. The iPhone meets all these goals and objectives perfectly, my brain can finally have long earned rest. If I ever get a problem in the future I can just get the “Geniuses” to fix it, brilliant.

I’m sure many of you are shocked by my change of heart but as they say you have to try everything once so I’m ordering the handset this morning and should hopefully have it very soon….wish me luck!

Update: In case you didn’t realise, this was an April’s Fool Open-mouthed smile


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