Posted by: Lee | April 12, 2011

Regarding Tivo

Well…in the days since I wrote my blog post on the terrible Tivo introductory offer from Virgin they have now about turned (a bit). Unfortunately you still have to pay for box activation (still to expensive) but subscribers on VIP packages no longer have to pay extra for the Tivo services (it will appear on the bill but be covered by discounts) and the installation fee has been wavered for the time being for all existing customers who preregistered their interest.

Whilst not perfect this is definitely a better charge £40 (on top of activation) for plugging a box in was asking quite a bit as it was, but to also expect customers who were already outlaying for your top package to pay even more on their subscription (just after you put prices up as well) was pushing it. To be honest I don’t think Triple XL package subscribers should have to pay it either.

As I’m a VIP50 customer I’ve now opted to take the plunge and get Tivo (installation is this Friday). I still resent the large activation fee but not as much as the principle of having to pay extra on my subscription and an installation charge as well. Yes I can do the maths over which costs more etc as I said, it’s principle.

The benefit of upgrading is that I get Tivo downstairs and get to replace the V HD box in the bedroom with the V+ HD box that the Tivo box is replacing. So I end up with pause and record in both rooms at no extra cost. Thank heavens for small mercies

I’ll let you know what Tivo is like.


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